In the early to mid 1990s (shortly after SWIHA began), eager professors added computer communication to their list of tools. Now, with a cornucopia of well-developed learning platforms (Angel, WebCT, eCollege, Blackboard, FirstClass, Moodle, etc…) online courses can be engaging, dynamic, full of content, and rich with discussion. Modern learning platforms allow anyone with basic computer skills (not just us geeks) the ability to take an online course. Add a simple web-cam, and a free program like SKYPE, and students can see and interact with their peers and instructors.

1) First benefit of online tutoring for students is that options are abound for students looking for homework help tutor. There are unlimited websites on internet providing tutoring services to the students. Therefore, it has become quite easily for the students to find the kind of tutoring services they are looking for.

"Dental health isn't just about toothaches or other problems," said Dr. Oh, Palmdale dentist. "It's about quality of life. A smile can affect your overall health, confidence and more. I want patients to have a wealth of information available to them. Being good to your teeth doesn't stop when you leave the dentist, so why should we stop supporting patients when they leave our office?"

Distance education courses can also serve as a healthy form of entertainment for baby boomers. Learning is an invigorating practice that can help keep the brain healthy, which could possibly stave off mental decline. Online education courses can also pave the way for added socialization among baby boomers through online forum discussions. Online degrees indeed deliver beneficial advantages to students. Studying online may provide baby boomers, courses flexibility but don’t forget that in this form of education there are challenges that you may need to deal with. There are many things that students can do through distance learning. Knowledge is acquired in different ways. There are accredited online institutions that may provide quality education to everyone regardless of what age you may be. The passion for learning is not limited by age and as proven by baby boomers, it is never too late to learn something new.

Now nursing students anywhere can learn those same medical research skills. Courses that focus on this kind of research can be taken by those who pursue a degree in nursing online. In that way any nursing student can ready herself or himself for a career in the medical research business.

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